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  • Subject: Miscellaneous or Endodontics or Prosthodontics or Oral Surgery or Restorative Dentistry
  • Course difficulty: Basic

Everyday endodontics

1) Dr. Vivek Hegde 2) Dr. Gopi Krishna 3) Dr. Siju Jacob 4) Dr. Guillaume Jouanny 5) Dr. Ajay Logani 6) Dr. Anish Naware 7) Dr. Arvind Shenoy 8) Dr. Reuben Joseph 9) Dr. Jojo Kottoor 10) Dr. Ruchita Roongta 11) Dr. Mandar Pimprikar 12) Dr. Abarajithan Mohan 13) Dr. Deepak Mehta 14) Dr. Roopa Nadig 15) Dr. Srilatha S

Tissue retraction and impression making

Dr. Moez Khakiani

Medical emergencies in dentistry

Dr. Ramakrishna Shenoi

Patient management

Dr. Cherag Sarkari

All about suturing

Dr. Rashmi Hegde