EXTARO 300 Microscope “Classic Plus Package” with FREE One Dental Premium Membership and 3 day advanced course at a Zeiss authorized training centre


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Please note: The One Dental Premium Membership will be activated once Zeiss has verified that your order is complete.

    - Microscope body with a unique user interface design that brings all the controls you need
close to the handgrip.
    - Coupling 120° for better maneuverability and extension of the suspension arm.
    - 180° Tiltable tube offers ergonomic posture by adjustment of the tiltable angle.
    - 2 wide-field, push-in Eyepieces 12,5x
    - 5x mag changer for rapid adjustment of magnification factor.
    - Varioskop 230 lets you adjust the working distance over 230 mm for always perfect focus
while keeping your relaxed working position.
    - TriLED with Light Boost provides natural colored light at Xe like intensities – maintenance
    - Orange Color Mode for modelling of light-sensitive composite materials.
    - Green Color Mode for enhancing contrast between blood and tissue.
    - MORA Interface with documentation port offers a sideways tiltability of the microscope of +-
25°. Users can maintain their comfortable upright position even if the viewing direction is
    -Augmented Visualization Kit

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