Long videos: OD CDE

Long videos: OD Clinical Dental Education (CDE): Watch full length lectures from some of the biggest names in India and abroad! Videos are available on a pay-per-view basis or as part of the premium membership. Not sure? Watch a free video now!

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Achieving natural aesthetics in Class IV restorations

Dr. Madhupa Patil
41,00 kr incl tax 21,00 kr incl tax

Implant prosthetics: Simple to complex

Mr. Danish Vajifdar
41,00 kr incl tax 21,00 kr incl tax

Know your instruments: DG16

Dr. Vivek Hegde with Etchenem
0,00 kr incl tax

Second molar enigma

Dr. Sanil Natekar
41,00 kr incl tax 21,00 kr incl tax

One Dental Congress: The Magic of 10- Archives

1)Dr. Pratiek Gupta 2)Dr. Leena Rawal 3)Dr. Mayur Davda 4)Dr. Sagar Abichandani 5)Dr. Abhishek Soni 6)Dr. Sana Farishta 7) Dr. Aslam Inamdar 8)Dr. Sanil Natekar 9)Dr. Lisha Thole
0,00 kr incl tax