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Free, fast and secure! Available for a limited number of doctors. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION INSIDE/BELOW.
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Key Features:

Honest and Secure: The One Dental Patient Management System is a secure tool that doctors can use to schedule appointments. One Dental does not share your patient's data or misuse it in any way!

For doctors/clinics only: The tool is only for the use of doctors/clinic staff and cannot be used by patients to schedule appointments, leave reviews, look up doctors etc.

Consultant/Student friendly: The tool can display appointments of a single doctor across different clinics. The tool is free and beneficial for the use of both consultants and UG/PG students.

 How to use:

1. Register for free on If you have already registered, simply Log In.

2. The first time you are using the tool, click the Start button (above, on this page). This will enable the Patient Management System's use on your profile. This needs to be done only once. If you have not yet registered or Logged In, the button will say 'To Start- Update Profile'. Please Register or Log In first. 

3. Once you click the Start button, you will be taken to a small confirmation page. From the Home bar at the top of the screen (in case of desktop/laptop) or the Menu (in case of mobile), select Appointments.

4. From here, you can click to schedule/create/add appointments or view any appointments you have already added. Click 'Create Appointment' to create your first appointment. You will then be redirected to your personal administrative panel.

5. From the left menu, here you can add the names and information of doctors who work in your practice. Please note that YOU CAN ONLY ADD DOCTORS WHO HAVE REGISTERED ON ONE DENTAL.

6. Similarly, you can create appointments by entering the required information. ONE DENTAL DOES NOT SMS OR EMAIL YOUR PATIENTS. Once you have entered the information, click Save.

7. The administrative panel can be used by your receptionist/clinic staff/you to create appointments. You can view these appointments both in the administrative panel and on the front end of the website by clicking View Appointments from the administrative panel or by going to Appointments from the home/menu bar. All the appointments for your clinic can be found in the administrative panel. The View Appointments page, however, shows only appointments for the resident doctor (not other visiting/consulting doctors).

8. Please note that if you make appointments for other doctors/consultants at your clinic by entering their email addresses, they will be able to view their appointments at your clinic as well! The tool is therefore useful for consultants as well!

Bonus Feature:

You can also view videos on One Dental related to the procedures you have scheduled appointments for. In order to do this, from the View Appointments screen, please click the names of the procedures in the table. Please note that not all procedures have videos for them, and these videos are available only to members.

 Please note that the Patient Management System is best used on a laptop/desktop.

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Free, fast and secure! Available for a limited number of doctors. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION INSIDE/BELOW.
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